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Anger Management was established by George Allen  in 2001 and provides unsurpassed  360° Artist services.

We are a member of the BPI.








Wayne Hussey ( The Mission) “I don't just trust George with my business I trust him with my life. No problem is really ever a problem with George around. As well as ensuring a smooth running operation and dealing with sometimes awkward promoters and situations, George keeps spirits high amongst highly strung musicians and bickering crews. Love him.”


Jimmy Webb ( Chairman, Song Writers Hall of Fame) “George is a seasoned tour manager with a deferential and easy-going manner. This hides a steely determination in dealing with venues, promoters and other industry trouble spots. On the road he is a hard-driver and puts the show first. He will not hesitate to inconvenience himself for the show or whatever other business is at hand.’’


Stephen Budd ( Chairman of the MMF )“George handles his job with vigor and an attention to detail that has thoroughly impressed me, and compares extremely favorably to his competitors.” 


Tom Dalgety ( Record Producer ) George is a fantasically creative and professional individual whom I've had the pleasure of working with closely on numerous projects. 





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