Oct 2014


Congratulations to Wayne Hussey on his top forty album, 'Songs of Candlelight And Razorblades' out now on Eyes Wide Shut Recordings.


Aug 2014


After 13 years of calling my company 'Extreme Music Production', I have decided to change the name. The idea was born in a dressing room in deepest, darkest South America last week in a discussion between Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey, where Wayne emitted the immortal words, 'that would be a good name for your management company'. It seemed to all just make sense,   so...I will now respond to, receive cheques and prosper forthwith under the name:

'Anger Management' 


Isn't it time you had some ?

Welcome to the website for Anger Management. We manage great Artists. Updates and news will be posted on facebook/Twitter


visit our page at


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